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The Croatian Cultural Centre, Croatian organization in Vancouver, British Columbia
The Croatian Cultural Centre Vancouver, British Columbia
Cultural, Non Profit
The Croatian Cultural Center of Chicago was organized to promote and preserve the exchange of Croatian heritage, culture and language. Established in 1974, the non-profit organization was launched by community leaders to fulfill the need for ethnic awareness in the region. Located in Rogers Park, one of the nation's most diverse communities, the center has served as an ideal base for members of the community, hosting a variety of celebrations, banquets, concerts and educational events annually. Today, the center is integrated with various Croatian academic, cultural, religious, business and social organizations, including the Croatian language-school Hrvatska Skola, the tambura and dance group Hrvatska Loza (Croatian Vines), Croatian language-radio Radio Slobodna Hrvatska (Radio Free Croatia), the Hrvat Youth Soccer team and Leteci Andjeli soccer team. The center also participates in partnerships and opportunities with the Embassy of the Republic of Croatia, the General Consulate of the Republic of Croatia, the office of Mayor of Chicago, Cook County government officials and other community organizations.
Croatian Organization Near Me - CroatiaFest
CroatiaFest Seattle, WA
Cultural, Non Profit
CroatiaFest’s mission is to promote and preserve Croatian culture and to educate future generations of Croatian Americans and the general public with the richness and beauty of Croatian Culture and Croatian American contributions to the building of the United States of America. CroatiaFest is a federally approved non-profit 501(c)(3) organization.